Tribute to Women in the Military



Exhibitor Information:

If you would like to be on the list for next year, please e-mail

To be an exhibitor, you must do the following TWO things:

(1) Complete Exhibitor Information Form by 18 Feb
(If you are having issues with the form and are behind a government firewall, 
please try to use a non-government device. If you are still having problems, let me know.

(2) Be accepted as an exhibitor and await notification
(Confirmed list of exhibitors below will be updated regularly as forms are returned.)

PLEASE NOTE: Exhibitors are not required to register/pay for the event via the Registration Form on the main page. If you would like to enter the ballroom at any time to hear the speakers, and receive the tote bag, pin, and lunch, then print/mail the Registration Form with your payment. Registering for the event does not ensure you an exhibitor space. You must register as an exhibitor.

We will have a door directly into the exhibit area that you can use. (Map will be posted later.) Once your vehicle is unloaded and if you are able, we would like you to move your vehicle farther out to leave spaces for our older attendees.

Please be set up by 0800. If you do not wish to register for the luncheon you are free to leave at 1130.

If you are running late that morning, please contact Kelly Aldrich at 250-6448 (cell).

Exhibitors sometimes have small things to hand out (pamphlets, key chains, pens, pencils, etc.), but these are not required.  A simple display with information and a person available to answer questions are all that are needed. Since we are not on base, exhibitors will be able to sell items.


Ways you can support the Tribute:
(1) Monetary donation (i.e. Sponsor) - It takes a lot to put on the Tribute, 
including free registration for our WWII, Korea, and Gold Star attendees

(2) Silent Auction item
(3) Door prize
(4) Tote bag items - We include small items (such as those listed above) 
in each of the 200-225 tote bags

If you are donating items, we must have them by 27 Feb, 3pm.

All items can be dropped off with Diana Wong at the New Mexico Veterans Memorial on Thursday, 27 Feb between 9am-3pm. If you need to deliver before Thursday, please contact Diana Wong at 575-640-3042 to set up a meeting. Please print & include this form with your donation so it is properly labeled.

If you absolutely cannot deliver door prize or silent auction items by the deadline (i.e. if you are out of town and are bringing it the day of the event) and still intend to donate, please let me know.

Mailing Address:
Tribute to Women in the Military
PO Box 91775
Albuquerque NM 87199-1775

Contact Information:

Kelly Aldrich
Home: (505) 286-0692
Cell: (505) 250-6448 (day of event)

Schedule of Events:

0800 Registration Opens, Exhibits, Refreshments

0900 Opening Ceremonies  
0930 Morning entertainment

1130 Luncheon (Keynote Speaker)

Event Day Information:
List of Confirmed Exhibitors

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